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Next Up in Kinect-Style Motion Sensing: Ultrasound?

Microsoft researchers have been developing a system called SoundWave that emits pulses in ultrasound ranges and detects Doppler-based changes to track human movements. Its creators hope their accidental discovery could improve gesture-based controls. Gesture-based controls have become so widespread they seem almost mundane. We casually flip through photos on our smartphones and have no problem […]

How to Get Started: 3D Modeling and Printing

Thanks to an influx of easy-to-use software, 3D modeling isn’t just for engineers toiling endlessly on CAD programs anymore. New tools built with ordinary people in mind make it possible to design whatever parts or prototypes you can imagine, and bring them to life with the power of 3D printing. There was nothing wrong with […]

3D Printer Prizefight: MakerBot Replicator 2 vs Formlabs Form 1

We take a look at two of the newest 3D printers coming to market to see how they stack up on material quality, printing resolution, and cost. The demand for affordable personal 3D printers has skyrocketed in recent years, with new models and designs popping up all the time. Budget-conscious enthusiasts, designers, engineers, and small-business […]

Don’t Buy A DSLR

Just getting into photography? Great! When you’re looking for a camera, keep on walking past those DSLRs–as of now, their moment is over. Gaaaah What Is This Nikon You want to get more into photography. You’ve got somewhere between a few and several hundred dollars to spend on a camera. You want to learn a […]

Amazing Avian Photos Captured By Strapping Cameras To Birds

Not only that, but John Downer also creates replicas of birds and fires them into the sky to capture real birds. The results are incredible. Strapped to a Bird Courtesy of Discovery Our friends over at Popular Photography have an interview with director John Downer, whose project Winged Planet premieres tomorrow on the Discovery Channel. […]

Smartphones Will Become the Only Device Hardcore Gamers Need

The Pocket Console Alison Seiffer When Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo introduces a new videogame console, its obsolescence within six years is more or less assumed. Nintendo is likely to release the new Wii U later this year, and other console makers are rumored to be working on next-generation systems. But as early adopters line up […]

We Asked Our Readers Why They Love the Samsung Galaxy Note

I didn’t care for the Galaxy Note at all–too big, unable to be either a great phone or a great tablet. But it’s been a huge success. Here’s why Big Phones Dan Bracaglia Nobody expected the enormous, 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note to be anything more than a joke. Many gadget reviewers hate big-screened phones. When […]

How Invisible Nano-Coatings Can Make Any Phone Waterproof

Phone Sploosh Claire Benoist More cellphones meet their demise from exposure to moisture than from any other cause–so we’ve all got a vested interest in waterproof phones. In the past, a user who wanted to protect his phone had to buy a watertight case, and thus double the size of the device. Last year, the […]

There Will Be Enough Giant Phones Sold in 2015 to Pave Monaco

Samsung Galaxy Note at Window Dan Nosowitz A firm of analysts has just issued a report predicting that shipments of giant smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note, will reach a completely bonkers 208 million in 2015, which, if our math is correct, is only a few years away. That’s actually not that crazy of a […]

The World’s Steadiest Binoculars

On the Level Brian Klutch Peering through binoculars can make an impossibly faraway object look close enough to touch, but with a trade-off: Any little jostle can knock a view out of frame. Most consumer binoculars have a built-in image-stabilization system that uses an accelerometer, a processor, and a small motor to compensate for user […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: A Phone in Need of an Editor

Samsung Galaxy S III Review: A Phone in Need of an Editor Galaxy S III Dan Nosowitz The Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be a wild smash hit, I’m sure. And it’s a very good phone; a lot of people will be very happy with it. But stepping back to look at the […]

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 8: New Start Screen, NFC, and More

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Microsoft Microsoft, in a big one-two punch of mobile, followed up Monday’s Surface tablet announcement  with today’s unveiling of Windows Phone 8. It’s the followup to last year’s “Mango” update, which we quite liked, but it seems like the updates here are much more for developers than users (i.e. native code […]

You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy a Firefox Phone

Firefox OS Mozilla Mozilla has been making some small moves into mobile with the Firefox browser for Android, but today the company announced much bigger plans: Firefox OS, previously known as “Boot to Gecko,” is an entirely new operating system for smartphones. The OS will be based on Linux, but all apps will be entirely […]

New Gear: Nikon Coolpix S800c Is An Android-Powered, WiFi-Equipped Compact Camera

Nikon taps Google for a seriously smart camera The concept of shoehorning WiFi and phone-like features isn’t new, but Nikon is clearly taking the concept seriously, pushing a full version of Google’s Android Gingerbread operating system into the Coolpix S800c. It’s certainly not the first connected camera, but it is a bit refreshing in a […]

Here’s What’s Interesting About the Nokia Lumia 920

Wireless charging, mitten compatibility, tap-to-connect, and more Nokia Lumia 920 Nokia New flagship smartphones, if they’re good, and the just-announced Nokia Lumia 920 looks very good, are 95 percent boring stuff and 5 percent actually interesting stuff. The Lumia 920 has a giant (sigh) screen, fast LTE 4G, a better camera, a screen with an […]

On The New Apple Maps: What Would It Take For Us To Leave the iPhone?

The latest version of the iPhone is the first one that provides a legitimate reason to ditch Apple. Berlin, Antarctica via Tumblr Remember when the iPhone 4 came out, and it had that weird antenna issue where, if you held the phone tightly in an unnatural position and squeezed like it was a lime and […]